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An Introduction to Puzzle Maker Studios

The Puzzle Maker brand has been developing for over 4 years now. First making an appearance as a song title in founders Danny McMahon and Andrea Succi's own band, then becoming the name of a UK tour still for that same band and finally making its way onto an aluminium sign outside of 6 Freestone Road, where it became the latest and so far most successful outfit, Puzzle Maker Studios, Music Production and Artist Development Company. 


So the same way 'Puzzlemaker' started out as a song, Puzzle Maker Studios starts from the music too. The primary focus of the business is to write, arrange, produce and record music for aspiring musicians.

However, Danny and Andrea's vision went beyond recording. As they learnt through their own experiences in the music industry, once an artist leaves the studio with a fully produced master in their hands, the work may seem completed, but the journey is only beginning. What to do with this music now? How to release it? Where to release it? How to promote it? What about videos and photos to go with it?

That's where Puzzle Maker Studios goes from solely being a recording studio to becoming a 360 degrees artist development company. Danny and Andrea have teamed up with highly qualified professionals who are there to assist the artist in every aspect of their initial journey into the music industry, providing valuable support and contributing in shaping the artist's career, all the way from the artist's image and branding to administration and legal representation.


So the motto is simple: Professional Artistic Development and Puzzle Maker Studios has been set up to do just that.


More information can be found on the website and for any enquiries: info@puzzlemakerstudios.co.uk


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