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FEATURE - Record Of The Week - Louisa Maria Baker // Borracho Is Better In Black And White



With the relaunch of our website we bring to you a brand new feature on our blog: Record Of The Week.

Every Monday we will be sharing our favourite record of the week, which could be either one we have produced here at Puzzle Maker Studios or a record we've recently discovered that we are really liking. We hope this will expand your musical libraries!


This week we bring to you an EP that we had the pleasure to produce and record here at Puzzle Maker Studios, 'Borracho Is Better In Black And White' by Bristol/London based solo artist Louisa Maria Baker.


The EP came out just over a month ago and the response has already been great. This is what Bristol magazine Tap The Feed wrote about the lead single from the EP:


"Collating her musical experiences, teachings and collaborations over the years, Louisa is now ready to take on 2017 with a sound that’s thoroughly direct and her own. Original song ‘Tell Me, Tell Me’ immediately catches your attention, fuelled by 80’s style guitar riffs and fiery vocals that pack a wallop. Lyrics that also seek answers among a complex relationship situation all but confirms that Baker means business for what lies ahead over the course of the year."


The EP has also gained considerable airplay. Track 2 "Dirty Looks" made it onto the Top 10 Indie Tracks playlist of Australian Radio station Valley FM.


Louisa has now become a regular of the London busking scene, playing her songs to thousands of people walking by all around Westminster. This caught the attention of a reporter from the Daily Mail Online, who has asked Louisa to perform in a video for them, which is being filmed this month. Follow her on Facebook for more updates on her release and her busking stories!


You can find the EP on all major digital outlets including iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify and you can view the music video for the single "Tell Me Tell Me" below:





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