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FEATURE - Record Of The Week - Chase Bryant - Little Bit Of You


Here at Puzzle Maker Studios Country music is a massive part of what we do and what identifies us.


We recently attended Country2Country Festival 2017 which is an experience in itself, but our stand out performance came from new Nashville superstar Chase Bryant. His self titled record shows a wealth of versatility as far as his songwriting credentials are concerned, but for us the stand out track comes in the form of “Little Bit Of You.”


The song sports an emphatic and decisive chorus with a soaring vocal that highlights a perfect example of tension and release in Bryant’s writing style. Feel good music is something we very much identify with here at Puzzle Maker Studios and Bryant's infectious chorus melody is certainly something that fits into this bracket.


As far as the groove of this song is concerned, simplicity is beauty. Without the straight yet pulsating 4/4 beat, the song wouldn’t carry the “get up and drive” sensation that is one of the track's defining features.


We’re certainly huge fans of this song and all our Country loving friends also agree.





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