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FEATURE - Record Of The Week - Paramore - "Hard Times"



Earlier this week Paramore released their new single "Hard Times" from their upcoming album "After Laughter", available May 12th.


"After Laughter" will be their 5th studio album and is their first record since 2013. It sees the return of former drummer and original member Zac Farro and it was recorded in their hometown Nashville.


What is most interesting about the new single "Hard Times" is the new stylistic direction that the band has taken. The song is fundamentally a synth pop track, quite distant from the emo/pop punk songs of their earlier catalogue. Here at Puzzle Maker Studios we personally like the new direction, as most bands that have been away from the studio for as long as Paramore have will naturally come back with a different sound. The market has considerably changed over the past 4 years, in fact the music industry is changing faster than it ever has before and therefore musicians and songwriters are influenced by what is current at the time they start writing a new record, so Paramore's evolution into a more mainstream pop sound comes as no surprise. However, this stylistic change has not been welcomed by a lot of their older fans, who would still wish for an album that sounded more like "Riot".


It is a matter of opinions and taste, so there is no wrong or right, but we'd love to hear your opinions on this! Here is the music video for "Hard Times". Enjoy!



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