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FEATURE - Record Of The Week - Brad Paisley - "Love And War"


This week we bring you a brand new album by country music star Brad Paisley, "Love And War".


We were lucky enough to see Brad Paisley perform live two months ago at Country2Country Music Festival in London, where he headlined the first night of the festival. It was a flawless performance, packed with harmonies, guitar solos and a repertoire full of hits - exactly what you would expect from one of country music's biggest artists.


"Love And War" is Paisley's 11th studio album and features some notable collaborations with Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, Timbaland and Bill Anderson.

It's classic Brad Paisley, from his signature chicken pickin' licks, to his clever and meaningful lyrics. Though whilst still retaining his iconic country sound, Brad Paisley manages to be original and innovative with every new album, perfectly striking the balance between keeping up with the times ("Selfie#Theinternetisforever") and still going back to his country roots ("Love And War").


For this album Paisley went the extra mile and created the first "visual album" in country music. He shot sequences for each one of the 15 tracks on the album creating an hour long music video/documentary. As well as the audio album, the visual album is now available on Apple Music.


We'd love to hear your opinions on this new record, whether you know Brad Paisley or not, if you are a fan of country music you will love the album!

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